High Throughput pMHC-I Tetramer Library Production Using Chaperone Mediated Peptide Exchange

Sarah A. Overall, Jugmohit S. Toor, Stephanie Hao, Mark Yarmarkovich, Son Nguyen, Alberto S. Japp, Danai Moschidi, Michael R. Betts, John M. Maris, Peter Smibert, Nikolaos G. Sgourakis

Jun 10, 2019

Received Date: 23rd May 19

Peptide exchange technologies are essential for the generation of pMHC-multimer libraries, used to probe highly diverse, polyclonal TCR repertoires. Using the molecular chaperone TAPBPR, we present a robust method for the capture of stable, empty MHC-I molecules which can be readily tetramerized and loaded with peptides of choice in a high-throughput manner. Combined with tetramer barcoding using multi-modal cellular indexing technology (ECCITE-seq), our approach allows a combined analysis of TCR repertoires and other T-cell transcription profiles together with their cognate pMHC-I specificities in a single experiment.

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