Sequence design-based control of DNA droplets formed from phase separation of DNA nanostructures

Yusuke Sato, Tetsuro Sakamoto, Masahiro Takinoue

Aug 06, 2019

Received Date: 2nd August 19

DNA has the potential to realize a controllable liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS) system, because the design of its base sequences results in programmable interactions. Here, we have developed a novel DNA-based LLPS system which enables us to create ‘DNA droplets’ and to control their dynamic behaviour by designing sequences of the DNA nanostructure. We were able to change the phase separation temperature required for the formation of DNA droplets by designing the sequences. In addition, the fusion, fission, and formation of Janus-shaped droplets were controlled by sequence design and enzymatic reactions. Furthermore, modifications of proteins with sequence-designed DNAs allowed for their capture into specific droplets. Overall, our results provide a new platform for designing the phase behaviour of macromolecular structures, and paves the way for new applications of sequence-designed DNA in the creation of cell-mimicries, synthetic membraneless organelles, and artificial molecular systems.

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