Realization of Ohmic-contact and velocity saturation in organic field-effect transistors by crystallized monolayer

Boyu Peng, Ho Yuen Lau, Ming Chen and Paddy K. L. Chan

Aug 08, 2019

Received Date: 22nd July 19

The contact resistance limits the down-scaling and operating range of OFETs. With the monolayer (1L) organic crystals and non-destructive metal/semiconductor interfaces, intrinsic mobility of 12.5 cm2V-1s-1and Ohmic contact resistance of 40 Ω·cm were achieved. The on/off ratio maintained at 103even at a small VDSof -0.1 mV. The high current density of 4.2 μA/μm was achieved with the 1L-crystal as the active layer. At such high current density, the velocity saturation and channel self-heating effects are observed in OFETs for the first time. The findings suggested other than the low contact resistance and high-resolution lithography, thermal management in the high mobility OFETs is also critical for the further development of high-speed densely integrated flexible electronics.

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