Magnetic Bloch Oscillations and domain wall dynamics in a near-Ising ferromagnetic chain

Ursula B. Hansen, Olav F. Syljuasen, Jens Jensen, Turi K. Schaffer, Christopher R. Andersen, Jose A. Rodriguez-Rivera, Niels B. Christensen, and Kim Lefmann

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Received Date: 17th June 19

When charged particles in periodic lattices are subjected to a constant electric field, they respond by oscillating. Here we demonstrate that the magnetic analogue of these Bloch oscillations are realised in a one-dimensional ferromagnetic easy axis chain. In this case, the "particle" undergoing oscillatory motion in the presence of a magnetic field is a domain wall. Inelastic neutron scattering reveals three distinct components of the low energy spin-dynamics including a signature Bloch oscillation mode. Using parameter-free theoretical calculations, we are able to account for all features in the excitation spectrum, thus providing detailed insights into the complex dynamics in spin-anisotropic chains.

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