Emergent Time Crystal with Tunable Period in the Uniaxial Random Field XY Magnet

Sayan Basak, Karin A. Dahmen, Erica W. Carlson

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Received Date: 26th September 19

The addition of uniaxial random fields to the XY model induces an order-by disorder transition, in which the XY magnet develops a spontaneous magnetization in the direction perpendicular to the uniaxial random field. Here, we use simulations to explore the robustness of this phase transition with respect to a rotating driving field. We find that the order-by-disorder transition is robust, persisting to finite applied field. In the vicinity of the critical driving field strength, a time crystal emerges, in which the period of the limit cycles becomes an integer n > 1 multiple of the driving period. Because n increases with system size, the period of the time crystal can be engineered. This period multiplication cascade is reminiscent of that occuring in amorphous solids subject to oscillatory shear near the onset of plastic deformation, and of the period bifurcation cascade near the onset of chaos in nonlinear systems, suggesting it is part of a larger class of phenomena in transitions of dynamical systems. Applications include magnets, electron nematics, and quantum gases.

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