Observation of topological transport quantization by dissipation in fast Thouless pumps

Zlata Fedorova (Cherpakova), Haixin Qiu, Stefan Linden, Johann Kroha

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Received Date: 9th March 20

Quantized dynamics is essential for processes in nature as well as for technological applications.The work of Thouless on quantized particle transport in slowly varying potentials (Thouless pumping)has played a key role in understanding that such quantization may be caused not only by discreteeigenvalues of a quantum system, but also by invariants associated with the nontrivial topology ofthe Hamiltonian parameter space. Since its discovery, quantized Thouless pumping has been believedto be realizable only in the limit of slow driving, a fundamental obstacle for experimentalapplications. Here, we introduce non-Hermitian Floquet engineering as a new concept to overcomethis problem. We predict that a topological band structure and associated quantized transport canbe restored at driving frequencies as large as the system’s band gap. The underlying mechanismis suppression of non-adiabatic transitions by tailored, time-periodic dissipation. We confirm thetheoretical predictions by experiments on topological transport quantization in plasmonic waveguidearrays.

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