Evolving our support for early sharing

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Starting in September 2017, Nature Communications offered authors the option to include a link to a preprint of their paper being peer reviewed by the journal on a public list, for preprints deposited in a community-recognised server. This initiative was launched to increase the transparency of the peer review process and support the early sharing of research results.

Over the course of the initiative, 59% of authors who opted in ended up depositing a preprint of their work in order to share a link on our Under Consideration page. The overall uptake has grown from 3% in 2017, to 7% in 2019, and has varied significantly by discipline, with 22% of participating papers in the physical sciences, and 78% in the life and biological sciences. 

Wishing to facilitate greater adoption of preprints across the multidisciplinary scope of our journal, we stopped offering Under Consideration in June 2020 to support an early sharing tool with added functionalities for our authors. Our authors now have the option to take advantage of In Review (see https://www.researchsquare.com/publishers/in-review), a free preprint posting service integrated with the submission process to our journal. The preprint of the author’s original submission will be posted (with a permanent DOI, under a CC-BY licence) on the multidisciplinary platform hosted by our partner Research Square at the same time as the submission is being considered by our editorial team. More information about In Review for Nature Research journals can be found at https://www.nature.com/nature-research/for-authors/in-review 

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