Shavenbaby and Yorkie mediate Hippo signaling to protect adult stem cells from apoptosis

Jérôme Bohère, Alexandra Mancheno-Ferris, Kohsuke Akino, Yuya Yamabe, Sachi Inagaki, Hélène Chanut-Delalande, Serge Plaza, Yuji Kageyama, Dani Osman, Cédric Polesello and François Payre

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Nov 06, 2017
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Received: 17th August 17

To compensate for accumulating damages and cell death, adult homeostasis (e.g., body fluids and secretion) requires organ regeneration, operated by long-lived stem cells. How stem cells can survive throughout the animal life yet remains poorly understood. Here we show that the transcription factor Shavenbaby (Svb, OvoL in vertebrates) is expressed in renal/nephric stem cells (RNSCs) of Drosophila and required for their maintenance during adulthood. As recently shown in embryos, Svb function in adult RNSCs further needs a post-translational processing mediated by Polished rice (Pri) smORF peptides and impairing Svb function leads to RNSC apoptosis. We show that Svb interacts both genetically and physically with Yorkie (YAP/TAZ in vertebrates), a nuclear effector of the Hippo pathway, to activate the expression of the inhibitor of apoptosis DIAP1. These data therefore identify Svb as a novel nuclear effector in the Hippo pathway, critical for the survival of adult somatic stem cells.

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