Comprehensive Cell Type Specific Transcriptomics of the Human Kidney

V Sivakamasundari, Mohan Bolisetty, Santhosh Sivajothi, Shannon Bessonett, Diane Ruan, and Paul Robson

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Received: 15th December 17

The human kidney is a complex organ composed of specialized cell types. To better define this cellular complexity, we profiled the individual transcriptomes of 22,469 normal human kidney cells, identifying 27 cell types. We describe three distinct endothelial cell populations, a novel subset of intercalated cells, interstitial macrophage and dendritic cells, and identify numerous novel cell-type-specific markers, many validated using imaging mass cytometry and immunohistochemistry. Receptor-ligand analysis revealed previously unknown intercalated-endothelial and intercalated-distal nephron interactions, suggesting a role in maintenance of vascular integrity and intercalated cell survival. Notably, kidney disease-associated genes were largely expressed in proximal tubules, podocytes, endothelial and myeloid cells, highlighting an underappreciated role for endothelial cells in kidney pathologies. Our analysis also provides a resource of cell type enriched markers, solute carriers, channels and lncRNAs. In summary, this cell-type-specific transcriptome resource provides the foundation for a comprehensive understanding of kidney function and dysfunction at single cell resolution.

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