Capturing variation impact on molecular interactions: the IMEx Consortium mutations data set

The IMEx Consortium Curators, del Toro N, Duesbury M, Koch M, Perfetto L, Shrivastava A, Ochoa D, Wagih O, Piñero J, Kotlyar M, Pastrello C, Beltrao P, Furlong L, Jurisica I, Hermjakob H, Orchard S, Porras P

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Jul 25, 2018
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Received:  22nd June 18

The current wealth of genomic variation data identified at the nucleotide level has provided us with the challenge of understanding by which mechanisms amino acid variation affects cellular processes. These effects may manifest as distinct phenotypic differences between individuals or result in the development of disease. Physical interactions between molecules are the linking steps underlying most, if not all, cellular processes. Understanding the effects that amino acid variation of a molecule’s sequence has on its molecular interactions is a key step towards connecting a full mechanistic characterization of nonsynonymous variation to cellular phenotype. Here we present an open access resource created by IMEx database curators over 14 years, featuring 28,000 annotations fully describing the effect of individual point sequence changes on physical protein interactions. We describe how this resource was built, the formats in which the data content is provided and offer a descriptive analysis of the data set. The data set is publicly available through the IntAct website at and is being enhanced with every monthly release.

Read in full at bioRxiv.

This is an abstract of a preprint hosted on an independent third party site. It has not been peer reviewed but is currently under consideration at Nature Communications.

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