High performance n-type Ag2Se film on nylon membrane for flexible thermoelectric power generator

Yufei Ding, Yang Qiu, Kefeng Cai, Qin Yao, Song Chen, Lidong Chen, Jiaqing He

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Sep 14, 2018
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Received Date: 31st August 2018

Researches on flexible thermoelectric (TE) materials usually focus on conducting polymers (CPs) and CP-based composites; however, it is a great challenge to obtain high TE properties comparable to inorganic counterparts. Here, we report an n-type Ag2Se film on flexible nylon membrane with an ultrahigh power factor ~ 987.4 ± 104.1 μWm-1K-2 at 300 K and an excellent flexibility (93% of the original electrical conductivity retention after 1000 bending cycles around a 8-mm diameter rod). The flexibility is attributed to a synergetic effect of the nylon membrane and the Ag2Se film intertwined with numerous high-aspect-ratio Ag2Se grains. A TE prototype composed of 4-leg of the hybrid film generates a voltage and a maximum power of 19 mV and 460 nW,respectively, at a temperature difference of 30 K. This work opens opportunities of searching for high performance TE film for flexible TE devices.

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