A complete chromosome substitution mapping panel reveals genome-wide epistasis in Arabidopsis

Cris L. Wijnen, Ramon Botet, José van de Belt, Laurens Deurhof, Hans de Jong, C. Bastiaan de Snoo, Rob Dirks, Martin P. Boer, Fred A. van Eeuwijk, Erik Wijnker, Joost J.B. Keurentjes

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Oct 09, 2018

Received Date: 28th September 2018

Chromosome substitution lines (CSLs) are tentatively supreme resources to investigate non-allelic genetic interactions. However, the difficulty of generating such lines in most species largely yielded imperfect CSL panels, prohibiting a systematic dissection of epistasis. Here, we present the development and use of a unique and complete panel of CSLs in Arabidopsis thaliana, allowing the full factorial analysis of epistatic interactions. A first comparison of reciprocal single chromosome substitutions revealed a dependency of QTL detection on different genetic backgrounds. The subsequent analysis of the complete panel of CSLs enabled the mapping of the genetic interactors and identified multiple two- and three-way interactions for different traits. Some of the detected epistatic effects were as large as any observed main effect, illustrating the impact of epistasis on quantitative trait variation. We, therefore, have demonstrated the high power of detection and mapping of genome-wide epistasis, confirming the assumed supremacy of comprehensive CSL sets.

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