Dipole states and coherent interaction in surface-acoustic-wave coupled phononic resonators

Laetitia Raguin, Olivier Gaiffe, Roland Salut, Jean-Marc Cote, Valerie Soumann, Vincent Laude, Abdelkrim Khelif, and Sarah Benchabane

Mar 04, 2019

Received Date: 12th February 19

Manipulation of mechanical motion at the micro-scale has been attracting continuous attention, leading to the successful implementation of various strategies with potential impact on classical and quantum information processing. We here propose an approach based on the interplay between a pair of localized mechanical resonators and travelling surface acoustic waves (SAW). We demonstrate the existence of a two-sided interaction, allowing to use SAW to trigger and control the resonator oscillation, and to manipulate the elastic energy distribution on the substrate through resonator coupling. Observation of the vectorial structure of the resonator motion reveals the existence of two coupling regimes, a dipole-dipole-like interaction at small separation distance versus a surface-mediated mechanical coupling at larger separation. These results illustrate the potential of this platform for coherent control of mechanical vibration at a resonator level, and reciprocally for manipulating SAW propagation using sub-wavelength elements.

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