Shapely Atoms

Andrea Bergamini, Marco Miniaci, Tommaso Delpero, Gwenael Hannema, Ivo Leibacher, Armin Zemp

Mar 15, 2019

Received Date: 6th March 19

The study of vibrational properties in engineered periodic structures relies onthe early intuitions of Haüy and Boscovich, who regarded crystals as ensemblesof periodically arranged mass points interacting via attractive and repulsiveforces. Contrary to electromagnetism, where mechanical properties do not coupleto the wave propagation mechanism, in elasticity this paradigm inevitablyled to low stiffness and high-density materials. Here, we transcend the Haüy-Boscovich perception, proposing the concept of shaped atoms, which relaxes thelink between the mass and inertia of atoms, to achieve unusual dynamic behaviorat lower frequencies, leaving the stiffness unaltered. Exploiting tacticity, we successfullydemonstrate its feasibility in continuous elastic chiral systems, openingthe way to the conception of new mechanisms for wave control, selective wavefiltering and vibration isolation.

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