RST1 and RIPR connect the cytosolic RNA exosome to the Ski complex in Arabidopsis

Heike Lange, Simon Y. A. Ndecky, Carlos Gomez-Diaz, David Pflieger, Nicolas Butel, Julie Zumsteg, Lauriane Kuhn, Christina Piermaria, Johana Chicher, Michael Christie, Ezgi S. Karaaslan, Patricia L. M. Lang, Detlef Weigel, Hervé Vaucheret, Philippe Hammann and Dominique Gagliardi

May 06, 2019

Received Date: 26th April 19

The RNA exosome is a key 3’-5’ exoribonuclease with an evolutionarily conserved structure and function. Its cytosolic functions require the co-factors SKI7 and the Ski complex. Here we demonstrate by co-purification experiments that the ARM repeat protein RESURRECTION1 (RST1) and RST1 INTERACTING PROTEIN (RIPR) connect the cytosolic ArabidopsisRNA exosome to the Ski complex. rst1 and ripr mutants accumulate RNA quality control siRNAs (rqc-siRNAs) produced by the post-transcriptional gene silencing (PTGS) machinery when mRNA degradation is compromised. The small RNA populations observed in rst1 and riprmutants are also detected in mutants lacking the RRP45B/CER7 core exosome subunit. Thus, molecular and genetic evidence supports a physical and functional link between RST1, RIPR and the RNA exosome. Our data reveal the existence of additional cytosolic exosome co-factors besides the known SKI subunits. RST1 is not restricted to plants, as homologues with a similar domain architecture but unknown function exist in animals, including humans.

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