Extraordinary efficient spin-orbit torque switching in (W, Ta)/epitaxial-Co60Fe40/TiN heterostructures

Nilamani Behera, Rahul Gupta, Sajid Husain, Vineet Barwal, Dinesh K. Pandya, Sujeet Chaudhary, Rimantas Brucas, Peter Svedlindh, and Ankit Kumar

Aug 28, 2019

Received Date: 6th August 19

The giant spin Hall effect in magnetic heterostructures along with low spin memory loss and high interfacial spin mixing conductance are prerequisites to realize energy efficient spin torque based logic devices. We report giant spin Hall angle (SHA) of 28.67 (5.09) for W (Ta) interfaced epi- Co60Fe40/TiN structures. The spin-orbit torque switching current density (JCrit ) is as low as 1.82 (8.21) MA/cm2 in W (Ta)/Co60Fe40(tCoFe )/TiN structures whose origin lies in the epitaxial interfaces. These structures also exhibit very low spin memory loss and high spin mixing conductance. These extraordinary values of SHA and therefore ultra-low JCrit  in semiconducting industry compatible epitaxial materials combinations open up a new direction for the realization of energy efficient spin logic devices by utilizing epitaxial interfaces.

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